Posted by: Pamela Kalivas | August 23, 2012

Campus Curiosity: Ergo on the Go for College Bound Students

A fun thing my husband and I have always shared is an interest in space.  We were privileged to be part of the audience invited to watch the landing of the Curiosity Rover on August 5th.  It got me thinking about the depth and meaning of the word curiosity.

How we can apply it not only to our own work environment but also to ourselves.  All life stages are imbrued with curiosity, but our 20s tend to be the most fully saturated as we discover the world around us and mature.

Curiosity Rover

New ideologies are developing in the behavioral and neurosciences, which increasingly argue that the 18-29 year old age group is a “distinct life stage” (Wallstreet Journal).  Typically in our 20’s curiosity compels us to engage our brains with school, travel, and a multitude of careers while focusing on life meaning.

A nationwide poll showed that 86% of young adults agree their life is fun and exciting.  While they find their lives exciting, 72% agreed that they felt stress (Wallstreet Journal).  How can we set up our 20-somethings for success during a time where curiosity guides them and stress acts as a pushing and pulling force in tandem?  Greater efficiency can be achieved by the principles of Ergonomics.

Focusing on this age group and giving them the tools for success is an important facet in shaping the future business world.  Efficiency is best achieved when injury is fully minimized allowing them to start off their career with a sense of mastery. Correct ergonomic postures set our college graduates on a course to successful pain-free careers.

College students spend a majority of their time on laptops averaging a minimum of 5 hour per day not including leisurely activities. Here are  my top “back to school” accessories parents can purchase to help out their students to maximize their study time, improve their grades, and enjoy their down time while using their laptops along with resources of where to find them.

Laptop Stand and Accessories

  1. Wireless external keyboard- Office Depot, Staples, or  Office Max
  2. Mouse with wrist cushion- Alimed, Office Depot, or BrownMed
  3. Lap top stand- Goldtouch or Alimed
  4. Adjustable computer chair- Office Solutions or Office Master

JPL and NASA were able to land a craft 1.5 miles within a carefully designated and computed target more than 352 million miles away. What if we apply the same precision to the parameters of our body and work or study area.  Much like the Curiosity’s successful landing on Mars, we will hit the mark on an area conducive for maximum productivity and minimal injury or strain.  Paying attention to these minutest details offer instant relief to your student’s neck, shoulders and back while correcting their posture.

Take some time to have some curiosity about yourself, or encourage your college student to search for the “comfort zone.”   Allow yourself a long and injury free career you are passionate about by following good ergonomic principles.

In October, Sierra Ergonomics is proud to participate in the UCI Student Health Fair.  Our booth will be providing students the opportunity to experiment with a variety of workstations to determine their best fit allowing their curiosity to drive them to better health and study habits.



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