Posted by: Pamela Kalivas | September 21, 2012

Stop Stressing – Move to Clutter-free Heaven

How does she get any work done!??

Do you find yourself spending too much time looking for frequently used items but they are buried under a pile of paperwork? Are you pressured and under the gun to meet deadlines just because you can’t remember where you put that report?

Whether it’s a comfy “just for you” chair or designer office layout, a healthy ergonomic environment can lower your stress level and improve your efficiency.  Our environments constantly affect the way we feel.

Is it time to rake the clutter off your desk and out of your office? Seize this time when summer starts turning to fall to pare down and create CALM. When our surroundings are cluttered, messy, or dirty, it takes a toll on our productivity and work efficiency.  Clutter can affect us subconsciously, irritating our mood as we feel crowded and disorganized.  An ERGONOMIC environment is one where we prepare ourselves for a productive day.  Reap the rewards for clearing workplace clutter, doing it smarter with these total time savers.

Here are 7 simple ways to become a “De-cluttering Genius to bring Autumn SERENITY into your work environment:

1.  Email filing: if you are bombarded with months of unorganized emails, file one month per day at a time until you are caught up; then set aside one day a week to file important emails.

2.  Habit building: don’t spend several hours in one day tackling desk organization. Set aside 20-30 minutes every day to organize your desk with a goal in mind.  You choose the time, you gain control over your environment.

3.  Limit accessory items on your desktop: these are distractions that take your mind away from the work at hand.

4.  Organize business cards: use your email contact list or other programs to store business cards in your hard drive rather than your desk.  Make it a habit of entering in business cards at the end of every week.

5.  Savvy single notepad: Use only one notepad to write ideas and notes.  This can save your desk from a plethora of fifty sticky notes and three notepads where you just can’t remember “what I wrote that number on!”

6.  Work-In-Progress folder: take documents, ideas, and potential business and create a folder for it you keep in a close desk drawer. Make a habit of checking in on the folder once a week to refresh your memory on brainstorming sessions or ideas that sometimes are lost in clutter.  Become an expert in tossing out old ideas.

7.  Resist junk drawers: They just become bottomless pits of disorder. Use desk drawer organizers to keep your head from spinning at the sight of a random office supply inventory.

According to the LA Times, in a Robert Half poll “83% of Human Resources managers surveyed said the appearance of a person’s work space affects their perception of that person’s professionalism.” September 9, 2012 page B5.  The tidier the desk, the better image you project.

Clutter also affects your health by increasing levels of stress.  According to US Consumer Reports on Health, work-related stress troubled 23% of the American population.  Certain levels of stress contribute to onset of stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and colds.  Part of this stress is induced by feeling overwhelmed, constrained and unable to control our work environment or events occurring around us.  Reduce this stress by de-cluttering your office spaces. It gives you a sense of accomplishment as well as control over our work environment. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a healthy immune system while beefing up your professional look in the office.

Why not add to your desktop a small pumpkin for a punch of pizazz!?

It will give you something new to admire, inspire and remind you to celebrate the Season of fall.

Don’t forget October is National Ergonomics Month, and Sierra Ergonomics, Inc. is proud to participate! Let us know if there are any Ergo issues you would love us to blog about.




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