Posted by: Pamela Kalivas | April 1, 2013

“Spring” Into Action!

Blue alarm clock

Coming out of our dreary winter hibernation, have you noticed your office needs organizing? Spring cleaning has been ringing its alarm, but have you been hitting the snooze button?

Feeling too unmotivated or tired to start cleaning and organizing your office???

According to Reader’s Digest January issue, there are peak times to drink coffee or take a nap depending on the activity you intend to do.  When you’re grumpy or sleep deprived, drink coffee before taking a 30 minute nap. If you require creative insight (for big projects or complex tasks) just take a nap.  Dreams and REM sleep may foster connections between ideas and help solidify knowledge recently acquired.

Aside from motivating ourselves, an important component of beating procrastination is having a game plan. Pinpoint your goals. Set up real and concrete steps to complete over a week long period (or longer) rather than a day or two. Completing a larger task in small and concrete steps can keep the project from becoming stressful or overwhelming.

One of the most reinforcing ways to complete a project in a step by step manner, such as office organization, is to use a token system based on day by day completion.  Use a Calendar (be it Scenic Valleys of the Western Hemisphere or Cat Naps), take a moment when you have completed a step assigned to each day and mark it off. Reward yourself with something special each day.

Once we put our project in gear, we have to remember safety comes first just as we buckle up with seat belts before commuting to work.  Here at SIERRA I know ergonomics gives us the tools we need to boost our productivity while minimizing injuries!

Here are 5 ways you can tackle any task without injuring your back or putting yourself at risk:

1. Use a step stool- Reaching and twisting in awkward positions to reach something above eye level puts you at risk for back injuries.  Since you aren’t tackling the project in one day (right??) and there is no rush, it’s smart to use a step stool to reach high boxes or items that need purging, dusting, or re-organizing.

2.  Bring the object close to your body before you lift.  Staying in the safety zone of forearms at your waistline ensures to lighten your load and make it safe for your back.

3. Take a breath:  Before you lift a box, taking a breath will tighten your abdominal muscles which will support your back and make the load you are lifting feel lighter.

4.  Right before you lift, look up to allow your head to be in alignment with the natural curvature of your back.  Your head weighs 8-10 lbs. By lifting your head when you lift the box, you take those 10 lbs. out of the equation and only lift the weight inside the box.

5.  Think about your environment.  Do you work in a hot, humid area or cold and damp?  You may need to slow down and lift less often to complete your spring organizing project.

a walk in the parkOnce your office is organized and your back hasn’t taken a beating, you will have time and energy to put a spring in your step for National Walking Day on April 3rd.



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