Posted by: Pamela Kalivas | August 1, 2013

Fun Family Vacation Road Trip

Celebrating Griswold’s Family Vacation with your own Family Travels? Can you believe it’s been 30 years since they hit the big screen and the road. . .

Griswold Family Vacation

Summer is a great time to focus on healthy living. We all know that road trips are accompanied by sitting for long hours driving, children bickering, stiff muscles and possible stomach troubles.  According to Dr. Camelia Davtyan, “prolonged sitting is not what nature intended for us”(LA Times).  While sitting for long periods of time can become unpleasant, the beautiful landscapes of great national parks such as Yosemite in the Sierras or Yellowstone, a large dormant super volcano with vastly breathtaking views, beckons us to the road for our long awaited summer family vacation.

To make travel easier, here are a few websites to catch the eye of any cross country traveler: (for planning attractions to site-see), (for finding the lowest gas prices along your path of travel), TVFoodMaps (Mobile app for a foodnetwork junkie),  and Hotel Tonight (A great mobile app for finding hotels on the go) to reduce your stress while getting away.

With 75% of health care costs associated with chronic stress – and stress is the No.1 cause of chronic illness – tap into these trip savers for a more comfortable, ergonomic vacation (Imperial Valley Press).

“Re-Energizing Exercise” while on the road. . .

Exercise, especially rigorous activity, helps maintain gastrointestinal (GI) regularity.  A study of chronically stressed people found they were much more likely to develop irritable Bowel Syndrome. (US News World Report)  It’s important to fit exercise into your daily routine when traveling because sitting for long periods of time has negative health effects such as: suppressing lipoprotein lipase, important for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, inducing resistance to insulin as our bodies aren’t burning enough energy, and increasing risk of cardiovascular disease.  Take a break to check the scenic viewpoints once every 2 hours.  Taking a 2 minute walk with the family is a healthier heart option and at the end of the day do a 20 minute workout that includes cardio to maintain healthy digestive tract function.

RV Camping“Aunt Edna’s Sour Stomach”

When we travel our digestive tract is sometimes turned upside down as we consume tasty treats that normally aren’t going into our bodies, due to limited availability of food options.  Traveling in an RV or mobile home provides a better opportunity to carry healthy fruits and vegetables full of fiber and will improve the movements of your digestive tract.  Here are a few GI conscious foods to avoid and a few that keep you healthy according to the Wall Street Journal Health and Wellness column.

1. Mineral Oil: A spoonful of mineral oil??     While hitting the palate with a slick and nauseating consistency, it turns out that doctors don’t recommend it despite being claimed a “home remedy.”  The oils are associated with respiratory inflammation in children and elderly people.

2. Laxatives: The best laxatives to use are osmotic: they draw water into the GI tract.  Milk of Magnesia fits this category.  Using natural supplements is also an effective remedy, with natural or synthetic fibers both acceptable options.

3.  Hot Coffee:  Drinking coffee is recommended, but it’s important not to drink too much.  Overdoing the morning cup of “Joe” puts you at risk of dehydration during the day.

Now you can enjoy the smooth ride from your vacation ~ Staying healthy while getting away with the family.

Return to work with new zip in your step!


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