Posted by: Pamela Kalivas | October 23, 2013

Take a Seat or Stand on Your Feet??

Sit-Stand Workstation

Which is it? The experts say sitting all day can increase your risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease (for more information read our August 2013 blog).  But standing all day also has negative effects. According to Alan Hedge from Cornell University, standing all day increases risk of carotid atherosclerosis “nine fold.”

We can look as far back as ancient Greek philosophers to find our answer.  The Aristotelian “Golden Mean” has universal applications and in this case, to ergonomics.  The best working habits are comprised of a mixture of sitting, standing, and walking.  We all know that too much or too little of anything is detrimental.  Balancing our work day with even amounts of sitting, standing or walking can help circulation and keep our heart healthy, while maintaining optimal levels of productivity.

One workstation design that offers both sitting and standing options is the adjustable sit-stand desk.  These desk types are adjustable to heights you can stand or sit and work . Relax the Back‘s website has many styles and designs to accommodate this working style.

PedometerWhile these may help with the sit-stand dilemma, it is still important to take breaks during the workday to walk.  Creating a habitual trip to the water cooler or coffee area  every 20-30 minutes will allow you to integrate walking into your workday- everyday.  Or better yet, incorporate your daily walking quota of 10,000 steps per day with a quick trip around your building for lunch.


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