Posted by: Pamela Kalivas | April 17, 2014

Are You “In-Touch” With Your Phone?

Zoolander's Phone

“Turn off MY phone?”

One size fits all in the cell phone market would be perfect! If it were true…  While that mini phone may seem like the sleekest style and easiest to handle, it could be too small– our hands are different shapes and sizes.  Likewise, a 7-inch screen on your cell phone might be too big.

According to Geoffrey Fowler of The Wall Street Journal, “even a few millimeters can make a difference in grip comfort.”  Choosing a phone that is considered ergonomic for your hands is easy if you know your measurements.

Forward Flexion While Texting

Although hand size is an important controlling factor for the cell phone you should use, it is also important to note that smaller screen sizes make texts harder to see.  Forward flexion of the neck following cell phone use is common as people struggle to read texts or emails on smaller phones.  Even with the zoom-in option, many Americans still suffer from a condition known as “Text Neck.”

According to Forbes Magazine, 53% of mobile phone users suffer from numbness or neck aches.  A study conducted at the Center for Muskoskeletal Research found that out of 859 subjects using mobile smart phones, 90% of them flexed their necks forward by 10 degrees.  Even more astonishing, muscle tension in neck and shoulders increased while participants believed they were fully relaxed.  A word of advice, keep your head up!  Avoid looking down at your phone for long periods of time while playing games or texting.

On a similar note, perhaps the computer mouse you use at work is not the true culprit to hand pain.  Phone sizes that fail to complement our natural grip length increase discomfort as we strain to hold and navigate the device.


ToneFone- 2-3lbs

While there are risks of neck and hand injury associated with using smart phones, a new product out on the market seeks to turn your phone into a fitness machine! The innovative ToneFone transforms your mobile device into a weight for toning arm muscles.  So get it done while having fun! Take a business call and buff your biceps at the same time.


The Wall Street Journal: Is Your Phone the Right Size for You?

Forbes Magazine: How Texting Can Give You a Permanent Pain in the Neck.

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