Posted by: Pamela Kalivas | November 6, 2014

Office Space – It’s All Relative

Desk Design November Blog

One desk, two desk, red desk, blue desk… abundant options for office décor and space make sifting through the infinite possibilities a great task when creating a harmonious workplace. So what are the secret ingredients that give your office workspace the edge?

According to Rachel Feintzeig from the Wall Street Journal, “where you sit matters.”  Forever making our lives more efficient, technological advances on the office space front are available to help piece together the perfect layout.  Companies use the software OfficeSpace to relocate or build an efficient work space for employees.

But, what about personality types?  What kind of productivity steam engine will you create if Negative Nancy is sitting next to Temperamental Tom? According to Mike Michalowitz, CEO of Provendus Group, it is important to acknowledge personality or work style differences between employees.

In a nutshell you are looking for 3 things to create workplace harmony:

1. Ergonomic equipment and design to minimize injury:

An efficient workspace always includes good ergonomics.  It promotes productivity by limiting injuries and pain associated with repetitive tasks.

2. Recognize employee personality and work-ethic differences:

Office Space November BlogThe “pragmatistand theperfectionist: hard workers, but may have personality clashes.  To avoid tension between these two define a strict distinction of duties, and if possible place them at different places in the office.

The “drivervs. the “coaster”: Type A personality meets Type B.  The “driver” is ambitious and a self-motivator whereas the “coaster” lies back until pushed.  A “driver” personality will feel comfortable and inclined to push the “coaster”, creating tension and resistance.  Ways to address these two personality types in the workspace: the “driver” works best in an independent project whereas the “coaster” excels when assigned a less “intense” team leader on a collaborative project.

3. Balance collaborative work and solo work:

The Office- Water Cooler- November Blog

According to the Wall Street Journal meeting rooms that are “stand-only” result in shorter more efficient meetings and exchange of ideas.

Reduce injury, including physical and interpersonal (fights and gossip at the water cooler) by building a workplace that emphasizes harmony, good design, and ergonomics.


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