Posted by: Pamela Kalivas | June 19, 2015

What Part of the Team Are You in the Office?

Go with the flow     How do you impact your office environment? Different personalities and work styles mesh and flow to create a diverse work setting.  Everyone has heard of the famous “Type A” and “Type B” personalities.  Both of these   personality styles work in different fashions that create a dynamic, creative, and efficient work environment.

By the book      According to Sue Shellenbarger, from the Wall Street Journal, there are employees and managers that, “make the trains run on time,” but can also be, “controlling and inflexible.”  How do we create an environment that has “ergonomic chi” to budge the rigid personality of the, “by the book type” aka, “Type A” personality!  It starts with intermingling the creative “go with the flow” employee, who embraces flexibility with our “by the booker.”


____These individuals offer flexibility where needed, including an ability to avoid, “butting heads” with our more “by the book” employee.  A symbiotic relationship of mutual benefit exists among these two types of professionals.  While offering outside ideas and bending to meet the needs of a situation, “go with the flow” types bring innovation and “by the bookers” bring that extra push needed to meet deadlines.  Of  course, each kind of employee can certainly exhibit attributes of the other from time to time.

Want to know which worker type you lean towards? Take our Personality Quiz and find out.


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