Posted by: Pamela Kalivas | July 14, 2015

Vacation Safety: Daydreaming About Your Summer Getaway?

Roller-CoasterJuly is an exciting month full of patriotic pride!  Preparing for a summer of amusement park visits requires safety planning.

Amusement parks are especially popular since kids on vacation simply want to relax and enjoy thrilling days out in the sun. According to the Amusement Park and Attractions Industry Statistics, “approximately 290 million people visited U.S. amusement parks” in 2010.  Although amusement park injuries that are ride related are quite rare, heat stroke and sunburns are important health issues that should be avoided.

When we practice good ergonomics skills, we keep ourselves, and our families, out of harm’s way.  Below are some helpful hints to enhance your visit to an amusement park for you and your children:

1. Have Fun in the Sun: SunMost amusement parks are outdoors so make sure that sunscreen is one of the items on your checklist for things you MUST take! Be sure to get a sunscreen with enough coverage against both UVA and UVB rays (at least SPF 30). Remember to keep reapplying throughout the day especially following water-splash rides.

2. Stay Hydrated: With a long day ahead of you, heat exposure and physical activity lead to dehydration. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day with water or perhaps a sports drink that contains electrolytes. Even better yet, why not hydrate yourself BEFORE the day of your trip to make sure your body is fully fueled and ready to go! Drink at least 67% of your body weight in ounces (135 lb person drinks 91 oz of water per day).

Roller coaster sign3. Obey the Limits: You will inevitably come across various “Restricted Area” or “Do Not Enter” signs and it is EXTREMELY important to obey those limits. Pay attention to the “Caution” signs posted by each ride. These requirements are established by state guidelines and are there for your benefit. Parks make it easy for you to determine whether your child meets the limits. Some parks even provide a “test seat” to determine appropriateness for your child.

4. Be Aware of Your Health: It is important to be awHealthyare of your health. If you have any health concerns such as chronic back pain, heart issues, or hypertension, be sure to read the “Caution” signs to verify you are cleared to go on the ride.

5. Have a Buddy: When traveling with children or a large group, it is helpful to assign buddies. Have an adult be in charge of one or two children to ensure they will be supervised constantly. The adults might want to buddy up too, so they can keep each other company and perform double checks.

As you are getting ready to plan your next trip to an amusement park, remember to use these helpful hints for a safe and rewarding trip.

~ Pam


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