Posted by: Pamela Kalivas | September 2, 2015

Gadgets To Get You Giddy!

Fall into spirit of the upcoming holidays by making your life just a little easier.  Ergonomic gadgets improve our productivity and health, while saving us both time and money.

Leg up

Get a “LEG UP” on the competition this season with the KENU Portable iPhone and Android stand.  This nifty stand provides protection for you neck, wrist and forearms.  Whether you are reading Reddit No Sleep in preparation for Halloween, or watching puppies get their first bath, holding your phone for long periods of time can cause muscle strain and pain.

Keyboard Cover Rainbow

A colorful keyboard can lighten the mood and protect your laptop from unwanted spills, debris, and crumbs. keyboard cover is flexible and washable.  After all, every rainbow needs a little rain!


Forget to print out an important document for your meeting or class?  No problem with Zuta’s Pocket Printer. The portable printer works with any device including android, iphone, windows phone, tablet, or laptop.  It can print on any size of paper and weighs less than one pound.  Any business guru on the road would find this stylish pocket printer convenient.

After work, it is important to find some time to relax.  With MUSE, a brain sensing headband, it is now possible to monitor brain wave activity to monitor the progress of meditation or anxiety reduction.Muse Handband

Anxiety, stress, and tension play a tremendous role in neck and shoulder pain.  Harmful effects of stress extend to other body systems, increasing the risk for increased weight and cardiovascular disease. The MUSE headband assists you in discovering your inner Zen with precision.

Take time before the holidays begin, and gather your gadgets now.


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